Epoxy Encapsulation

Epoxy Encapsulation

TIC Industries offers a full range of LED solution with high performance and excellent quality of optical epoxy type encapsulant. These low stress and highly thermal stable optical epoxy (two parts: Part A, resin and Part B, crosslinker) are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

EE 1000
1,000 – 5,000 cP
EE 2000
6,000 – 10,000 cP
Application examples: LED displays, automotive lightning, street lights, bulbs, signals and others.


Backlighting for signage, LCD panel (TV, handphone, tablets, etc.)
Architectural lighting
Automotive Accent Lighting

Product Category:

Encapsulation Epoxy
EE 1000 series
EE 2000 series

Product Specifications:

Curing time 120 C 2 hr + 150 C 2 hr
Viscosity 1000-3000 cps
Tg/ C 120-140

Special features:

  • Good heat & UV resistance
  • Meet MSL2 specification
  • Finished Products: