TIC-4000 Series

TIC-4000 Series is an innovative surface treatment agent which developed based on the long experience chemistry technology. By forming a ultra-thin protective layer, it exerts excellent hardening in anti fouling and surface smoothness.

It is most suitable as a coating agent for various metal surface and glass lenses.


  • Anti Oxidation
  • Anti-Adhesion For Fingerprinting And Easy Removal
  • High Durability Abrasion
  • Improved Smoothness With Smooth Touching
  • Water And Oil Resistant
  • Ultra- Thin , Enhance The Original Optical Properties
  • Excellent Performance Especially Coating On Glass And Metal Surface

The area circled in red is the tested surface.

  • The tested area on non-coated gold plate was greatly corroded/oxidized as compared to the coated gold plate with TIC-4000.
  • Tarnished surface was observed on the non-coated gold plate.